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Can you help raise $10,000 for 360,000 young children with intellectual disabilities (ID)?

  • 17/07/2021 - 31/03/2022
  • Singapore
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About Event

Dear donor, 

You can make a difference to thousands of children across Asia Pacific starting from just $25.

We know the future belongs in the hands of our children. Every one of them spark joy and imagination in the pristine way they view life with abundance of joy. Every one of them should be celebrated in their own unique ways.

But every day, we at Special Olympics witness stories of children with ID facing challenges from basic facilities like education and medical support, to social exclusions even within their own communities.

Take the story of Hadbaa, a little girl born with Down Syndrome just over the age of 7. Growing up, she had to get used to other children and even parents whispering about how she looks. She faced multiple rejections from various schools because there were no teachers that could care for children like her. (Watch the campaign video to learn more about her story.)

Another little boy that caught our hearts is Joachim, also lovingly known as ‘Akim’. At 3, he was diagnosed with autism and subsequently Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). During class, Akim would jump around and scream for no reason, and had to be held in order to calm down. Other parents didn’t want him in their classes.

Early intervention is the key in giving children with ID a head start in life. 

That’s why we started the Young Athletes program, to help over 360,000 children with ID navigate life’s uncertainties and rejections, and give them more reasons to celebrate their lives!

The Young Athletes program is an early childhood play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities ages 2 to 7 years old. With the program, we help these young athletes enter communities that support a life of friendships, fitness and learning.

Your donation will contribute towards enabling the Young Athletes program for thousands of children across Asia Pacific and give them access to these 5 key benefits:

  • Motor skills. Children with ID who took part in an eight-week Young Athletes curriculum saw seven month’s development in motor skill. This is compared to a three month gain in motor skills for children who did not participate.
  • Social, emotional and learning skills. Parents and teachers of children who took part in the Young Athletes curriculum said the children learned skills that they will use in pre-primary school. The children were more enthusiastic and confident. They also played better with other children.
  • Expectations. Family members say that Young Athletes raised their hopes for their child’s future.
  • Sport readiness. Young Athletes helps children develop important movement and sport skills. These skills get them ready to take part in sports and recreation activities when they are older.
  • Acceptance. Inclusive play has a benefit for children without ID as well. It helps them to better understand and accept others.

Today, COVID has further worsened the situation with about 40% low and lower-middle income countries not supporting these children with ID.

Within Asia Pacific, at least one third of children with ID are likely to not receive any early intervention services. They experience challenges and rejections to education that result in 52.7% drop in enrolment rate between primary and secondary school.

They need your help and support now more than ever! A small donation of $25 today can help make a difference in these children’s futures.

If you’d like to join the social rally for Young Athletes, check out #WalkForInclusion on social channels, or visit our website at