Fundraising Event

The 10km Solidarity Run

  • 02/03/2021 - 13/03/2021
  • Cambodia
USD 155
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Target : USD 500

About Event

Heard the one about the comically unfit man, the fat man and the one-foot man who ran for a cause? No? Well, that's how the three gents behind an upcoming fundraising event in Kampot, Cambodia have styled themselves. Along with a bunch of other folks in town they've put together a solidarity run to support three great causes, and we're delighted they've chosen Friends-International to be one of those! Kampot town is the location, March 13th is the date, 10km is the distance - and you can participate too and help fundraise! How?

1. Challenge yourself and run (or even stroll - that's cool too) in solidarity with the comically unfit man and his friends on 13th March wherever you may be
2. Join in the fun of fundraising by creating your own Simply Giving fundraiser page
3. Simply give/donate through this page

Wherever you are, and however you choose to support, please remember to stay safe and follow your local COVID prevention guidance - thank you!

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