Fundraising Event

Spyhop Facewear and Plastically Impossible Puzzles

  • 19/01/2021 - 31/03/2021
  • Hong Kong
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Target : HKD 20,000

About Event

Ocean Recovery Alliance is a registered charity in Hong Kong, bringing together new technologies, creativity and thinking to collaboratively improve our ocean environment. We have had projects with the Clinton Global Initiative, UNEP, World Bank, and For their efforts, received the coveted Prince’s Award from Prince Albert II of Monaco. All profits from sales contributes to the work of Ocean Recovery Alliance in ocean protection and reducing plastic pollution.

We would like to reward our donors with some of our cool gifts!

Celebrate the ocean with SpyHop Facewear, designed to look cool and show your care for our waters and the life within it. By using a reusable facemask, you greatly reduce the waste otherwise generated. Get rid of the guilt of having to throw away a disposal mask every day. Save in the long run and spread your SpyHopping experience!

Plastically Impossible puzzles are amazing for building awareness while having fun. It’s almost like doing a reverse beach clean-up, but instead of removing from the beach, you put it all together. In the process you’ll also be challenged to piece together how all this plastic got into the environment to begin with.

The puzzles complement the work we do at Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO (charitable organization), which brings together creative solutions and collaborations to help improve the health of the ocean and our environments around it. We hope to inspire future ocean and water advocates who take pride in their understanding about our environment.

For every HKD1000 (USD129) donated, we will mail you either a set of Plastically Impossible Puzzles or 4 SpyHop Facewear to you anywhere in the world! Click on the red "Get Gift" button to donate for the free gift. (Or if you just want to donate to support us, just click on the green "Donate Now" button).