Fundraising Event

Sponsor a T-shirt, Empower A Child

  • 14/11/2018 - 15/01/2019
  • Singapore
SGD 1,792
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Target : SGD 960

About Event

Innerstar will be running E-Colors Workshops for the under-privileged children and youths at the Singapore Children’s Society and Chen Su Lan Methodist Children Home.

 The E-Colors is a professional coaching tool developed by Innerstar’s core Program Partner Equilibria that has been adapted to help children and youths develop competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship management, mindfulness and intentional decision-making.

 Many of these competencies are imparted by parents over the course of a child’s lifetime. But for children growing up in less privileged circumstances, this lack of parental guidance can create personal development gaps and cause self-doubt, insecurity and confusion.

 The E-Colors Workshop is designed to help these children understand themselves better in order to develop self-confidence and resilience and become more intentional in the way they act and interact in the world.

We seek your support to sponsor a T-shirt and empower a child. Each T-shirt costs S$12 and we are looking for sponsorship for 80 T-shirts to be given to the children attending our E-Colors Workshops this year. Extra donations will allow us to buy more T-shirts for workshops next year

Why a T-shirt?

The T-shirts will come in 4 colours in line with the four main personality styles according to E-Colors’s quadrant personality theory 

  • Red - Doer
  • Yellow - Socialiser
  • Green - Thinker
  • Blue - Relator

Each child / youth will be given a T-shirt in a colour based on their personality style. The T-shirt that you sponsor is more than just a T-shirt. It is a STaR!

  • Symbol of each child / youth developing their self-awareness
  • Tool to help them visualise the different personality dynamic during the workshop
  • And a Reminder to implement the life skills that they will learn during the workshop

We would be very grateful for your support. Kindly donate and help a child’s #INNERSTARSHINE!