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Borneo Marathon 2018 for UNICEF Malaysia

  • 01/03/2018 - 31/05/2018
  • Malaysia
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About Event

This year’s edition of the Borneo Marathon (BM) will also be held in partnership with UNICEF, focusing on the prevention of bullying. As one, we need to #StandTogether against bullying, and running together in solidarity for the prevention of bullying is certainly one way to highlight this worthy cause. 

Your part in the Marathon will help raise awareness for the prevention of bullying; while helping children and putting a smile on their faces! 

By Simply Giving with UNICEF, you will be making a difference for children.

Let’s run to #StandTogether


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Approximately 84% of Malaysian children experience some form of bullying before they turn 18, with psychological effects reaching as far as adulthood.

Some of those who do manage to escape it either do so by fighting back, entering gangs for protection, or becoming bullies themselves, because hurt people hurt people.

We want to break this cycle.

In conjunction with World Children's Day 2017, UNICEF conducted a global survey. The key findings for Malaysia include:

- 7 out of 10 children are most concerned about bullying

- 64% of children surveyed are worried about violence against children

In the Children4Change Poll (1,036 children aged 6-17 across Malaysia took part in the month-long survey poll by UNICEF and Kakiseni for World Children’s Day), the findings show:

- 3 in 4 children want to end violence including bullying and corporal punishment (in addition to quality education and ending poverty)

- 50% of children agreed the world is better if we stand together in solidarity