Fundraising Event

Masked Finfoot Expeditions

  • 18/06/2020 - 30/06/2021
  • Cambodia
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Target : USD 80,000

About Event

We are asking for donations to fund surveying and ecotourism initiatives to prevent the extinction of Masked Finfoot in Cambodia.

Masked Finfoot (Heliopais personatus) is a endangered bird species confined to specific regions within South-East Asia. In Cambodia, this is one of the rarest species in country where the last viewing was in 2015. It is thought there are less then 2000 Masked Finfoot globally! This put Masked Finfoot extremely close to being categorised as a critically endangered species

Sam Veasna Conservation Tours, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society, are conducting a series of exhibitions near the Memay and Sambour river, locations thought to be the last stronghold of Masked Finfoot in Cambodia.

The goal of $80,000 will fund a series of 10 expeditions ($5,000 each) as well as an additional $30,000 for community development including training, protecting key locations for one year and building key infrastructure for birding tours. This includes the building of a bird hide.

Our current objectives for the first expedition are:

1. Locate the sites for viewing Masked Finfoot, based on 4 currently known locations
2. Ascertain distribution of Masked Finfoot across these 4 locations
3. Assess each location for suitability of Ecotourism
4. Produce a short report on the feasibility of Ecotourism and the necessity of increased protection for the Masked Finfoot in NPL

These exhibitions and surveys will be a critical first step in identifying the locations of Masked Finfoot, educating and working with local communities on the protection of the species and create a Masked Finfoot viewing trip for birders around the world to enjoy!

We will provide multiple updates including updating the gallery from the expeditions.  

If we secure the location for Masked Finfoot and establish a viewing site, SVC Tours will provide free tours to see the Masked Finfoot for the top 5 donors of this project with a minimum donation of $2000.

The journey starts here!