Fundraising Event

Crossroads' Summer Interns Fundraiser Challenge

  • 07/06/2014 - 12/09/2014
  • Hong Kong
HKD 500
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About Event

Our Summer interns for 2014 have arrived! They’re clever, good looking and passionate about making a difference. We’ve decided to set them a challenge whilst they spend six weeks with us at the Crossroads Foundation.

Two teams will go head to head to see who can raise the most amount of money for their chosen fundraising goal.

Team ONE - has chosen to raise funds for Disaster Kits. Each kit will contain items that are desperately need when a disaster strikes. The funds will be used to replenish our supply, so we are ready. Each Disaster Kit costs HKD$500.

Team TWO - has chosen to raise funds for Boxes for container shipments. Each box will be filled with donated goods from Crossroads and sent to places in need. The funds will pay for the freight of these boxes. Each box costs HKD$200.

There’s plenty of room to get creative and really help those in need. Let the challenge begin!