Fundraising Event

Harrow Hong Kong Long Virtual Ducker 2020 - on behalf of our 9 pupil-nominated charities: Crossroads, Friends of the Earth, Conservation International, Amazon Conservation, Watchdog Early Education Centre, Orbis International, Children's Medical Foundation, Sai Kung Stray Friends, Kirsten's Zoo

  • 01/05/2020 - 31/05/2020
  • Hong Kong
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Target : HKD 1

About Event


Long Ducker is one of the charitable traditions taken from Harrow School in England. Every year at Harrow, boys, teachers, Old Harrovians and parents combine to organise and undertake a charity sponsored run, the Long Ducker. Now in its seventh year, the Hong Kong version takes place annually along a 16km route on the MacLehose trail that runs immediately behind the School. The alternative 8km Short Ducker & Mini Ducker, allows participation of whole school community. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we had to cancel our event for 2020.

However, on 16th May 2020, we hope the Harrow Hong Kong community will join us in completing the Virtual Long Ducker! We would like the community to travel the following distance of their choice. This could be completed by walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, rowing and swimming to name a few.

At the end of the chosen distance, each participant must be able to provide evidence of the distance completed and the date. This could be done by using any tracking device, pedometer, Fit Bit, Apple watch or MapMyRun-style app. Google Earth is a great resource if you would like to plan out the distance prior to the challenge.

The Categories are:

  • Long Ducker Year 6-13 Pupils: 16km / 10miles / 22,000 steps
  • Short Ducker Year 1-13 Pupils: 8km / 5 miles / 11,000 steps
  • Mini Ducker EYC Pupils: 1km / 0.62 miles / 2,700 steps

(Units, where necessary, have been rounded up for ease of calculation.)

All staff, pupils & their families from those in the Early Years to the oldest in Year 13, can run/walk/cycle/swim/etc and all be part of the Virtual Long Ducker Day on 16th May 2020. 

Help us continue our largest fundraiser event of the year. Our support matters to our Beneficiaries!


  • Crossroads Foundation
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Amazon Conservation Association
  • Conservation International
  • Watchdog Early Education Centre
  • Orbis International
  • Children's Medical Foundation
  • Sai Kung Stray Friends
  • Kirsten's Zoo

Ways To Support

FUNDRAISE - If you are participating in the Virtual Long Ducker, you can create your own fundraising page with a profile photo and a short message to invite friends to support you by donating to your page. Click on the red “Start Fundraising” button to create your fundraising page. Its a great way to see your impact multiply!

DIRECT DONATIONS - Click on the green "Donate Now" button.

Our Charities need you.  Last year we raised HKD215,895. How much can we raise this year? Let us see as a school community if we can beat last year's total!  Join us to run/walk/swim/cycle and fundraise in support of the 9 pupil-nominated charities!