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Gurkha Trailblazer 2020/2021 "Virtual Edition"

  • 31/08/2019 - 31/05/2021
  • Hong Kong
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About Event

The third edition of Gurkha Trailblazer will be held in Hong Kong between 14th March - 31st  March 2021. The event is named in honor of the Nepalese soldiers (Gurkhas) who lost their lives in global conflicts fighting for peace. The race also won the "Best New Race" award at the 2018 Gonerunning Hong Kong Trail Running Awards.

The race covers 2 distances- 12/ 26 km in the eastern New Territories. All proceeds from the event will go to Gurkha Cemeteries Trust’s Online High School Diploma Programme providing Scholarships for Nepalese youth in Hong Kong and Child Welfare Scheme’s projects to support Nepal's Children and Young People from Early Childhood Education to Successful Livelihoods.

Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) envisions a safe and accessible pathway that successfully leads Nepal’s disadvantaged children and young people from early childhood education to a sustainable livelihood. CWS aims to reinforce this pathway so that no child gets lost or diverted away from it as she grows into adulthood.
CWS was created by Douglas Maclagan who identified the many unmet needs of women and children in Nepal and designed programmes to address those needs. CWS’ growth over the years has been organic, reacting to the needs of the communities and always in line with the Government’s plans.

Learn more about CWS: 2526 8810

The Gurkha Cemeteries Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation. The objective of the Trust is to establish a non-profit-making educational and community institute to promote Gurkha culture, history and values in Hong Kong. The Trust also helps to maintain Gurkha cemeteries and heritage in Hong Kong. Gurkha cemeteries Trust also runs online High School Diploma program, an alternative pre-University opportunity to enter tertiary education for Nepalese students who have dropped out and cannot fit into the regular public school system. This program will not only help students to achieve academic qualifications but also will empower them in the community. The funds raised from this event will be used to provide scholarships to the students.

Learn more about GCT:

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