Fundraising Event

GoBald at Home

  • 01/05/2020 - 12/05/2020
  • Malaysia
MYR 40,107
200% Complete
Target : MYR 20,000

About Event

We're living in a completely different world today, but the fight to help children with cancer in Sarawak doesn't stop. 

GoBald is an annual awareness event held every year by the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society, to encourage early detection so more children may be saved. GoBald is also a fundraiser event, raising more than 60% of the funds needed to provide our essential services to children with cancer, such as 

  • emotional support
  • accommodation for outstation patients
  • monthly financial aid, 
  • medical aid for specialised procedures and/or treatments
and many more. Learn more about this at

Every year, the Society requires an average of RM1.5million to carry out all these services. Our target of raising RM10,000 for this campaign is for one of these much-needed services, which is to help cover a month's expenses of our SCCS Kuching halfway home. It's currently home to 11 cancer fighters from outstation, as the main treatment centre for Sarawak is here in Kuching. Apart from a place to stay, we also provide food and transport for them to hospital. As cancer treatment is about 6 months to 1 year, this is how long they will need to stay here.

Updated 08-05-2020: As we have reached our target of RM10,000 before our campaign end date, and are so blessed to have donations pouring in still, we are increasing the target to RM20,000. The additional RM10,000 will be used to subsidize a months cost for 

  • transportation for children from rural areas to continue their treatments and check ups
  • monthly financial aid for underprivileged families 

While we have been working on alternatives to our public events this year, we were so touched to hear from some people on their intention to GoBald at home, and help us raise support and funds for kids with cancer. With that, we decided to set up a platform for these brave shavees, to still be able to contribute and do their part, in this especially challenging time for the kids, who are at even higher risk than ever before.

How To Join

  1. Ensure you have proper shaving equipment - clippers/head shaver before joining this event
  2. Get someone at home with you to help! Helping with shaving, or to take a Facebook live video, an extra pair of hands is always great!
  3. Set up your account on, and choose GoBald - Shave at Home as your cause. 

Please note that, as the safety of our participants have always been top priority, we advise strongly, that only those with proper shaving equipment at home - clippers/head shaver can join this event. SCCS will not be liable for any person(s) sustaining injuries resulting from joining GoBald at Home. We also advise to have one more person who has been at home with you, with you to assist you in the shaving. You can also have fun with this and go live on Facebook or Instagram to raise more support and funds from your family and friends!

Together, Let's Help Kids Fight Cancer!

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