Fundraising Event

FTN Food Futures

  • 22/12/2017 - 31/08/2019
  • Malaysia
MYR 2,300
191% Complete
Target : MYR 1,200

About Event

Our goal at the Pit Stop Community Cafe is to try and help not just our fellow man but also other organisations that are in need of a little boost every now and then. 

One of our partners is Feeding the Needy (FTN), a mobile soup kitchen that runs out of Chow Kit every Thursday night, serving between 450 and 700 people every week. 

To support FTN and to enable ourselves to be a little more self-sustainable, the Pit Stop provides 50 meals every fortnight to FTN, at RM6.50 per meal and 40 packs of porridge every fortnight at RM3.50 per portion. For less than half the cost of a Starbucks coffee or a Coffee Bean ice blended, one person will not go to sleep hungry that night. 

To help FTN feel a little more secure about at least a fraction of their food source for the future, we are looking to raise enough funds to provide them with 100 meals a month + 80 packs of porridge (or whenever necessary) for the next 12 months. 

Please, help us help others.