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Edie's HK360Swim for Splash

  • 19/09/2018 - 30/11/2018
  • Hong Kong
HKD 697,890
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Target : HKD 500,000 Raised Offline : HKD 486,865

About Event

Thank you to our Silver Sponsor Simpson Marine! 

Water has always been a part of my life. My fondest childhood memories centered on the summer swim team, which I joined when I was 7. My best friends were all from the team and it was a family affair. While my brother and I swam, my mom and dad would volunteer and man the barbeque at swim meets. I continued swimming in high school and then at Wellesley College, where my memories are mostly a chlorine haze of the pool and my swim team friends.

After college, I was burned out from competitive swimming and took a long break from the pool. It wasn’t until I moved from New York to Hong Kong, that I started swimming again. Without any open water swimming experience, I tried the 2.2km Sheko Challenge race and found it really freaky yet exhilarating. But the experience emboldened me which led to further races.  I was soon immersed in the open water swimming community, swimming endless miles at sea with friends and this group has become my family in Hong Kong. Thus began my obsession! I have now swam most of the local races including the Clean Half and Cold Half as well as the Maui Channel, Rottnest Channel Swim and most recently the English Channel with a relay partner. 

One of the things I love most about swimming in Hong Kong is that it has connected me to the city in a way I never could have imagined.  I feel very fortunate to experience a completely different perspective on Hong Kong's natural beauty and as my friends know, I always have camera in hand to capture it all (check out my Insta feed @edieswimshongkong)!  The water is getting cleaner, the sea-life is getting richer and there are undiscovered beaches, waterfalls or caves around nearly every corner.  If my HK360Swim encourages just a few more people to discover the joys of swimming in Hong Kong, it will be worthwhile.

Around the same time I discovered open water swimming, a group of us also started Splash, providing free swim lessons for Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong. What started as a whim quickly grew into a full blown charitable organization. I was continually inspired and humbled by the determination and gratitude these women and men have for their one opportunity to learn how to swim - a life skill that I previously took for granted.  So I am thrilled to use my HK360Swim to raise money and awareness for Splash.  

All proceeds raised will go directly to 2019 programme expenses and if we reach our goal, that means 250 people will have the chance to learn how to swim next year!  

Thank you so much for your moral and financial support.