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Soni construction site Medical fund

  • 29/03/2024 - 29/04/2024
  • Malaysia
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About Event

🆘This is a very sad story 🥲of the dogs 🐾🐕🚨that were raised and used to guard a construction area in PJ🥲

📢On 27/3/2024, Rescuer Ananthan found one of the 7 month old male pup, his name is SONI - with front left hand featured and broken, the dog was in great pain, suspected being hit by a motorcyclist. Ananthan rushed him to BPVC for check up.

📢At BPVC, the Vet had taken X-ray and found an open fracture of his radius and ulna. The Vet advised to perform a surgery to implant a plant and that would cost rm3000+deposit rm500. The surgery can only be performed on Saturday.

📢Upon other Rescuer’s advise, Anathan paid rm336.50 at BPVC and rushed to Mayo Veterinar. The cost is the same rm3000 and the Vet will perform the Surgery on same day, and not required any deposit. The dog 🐾is currently in Mayo Veterinary. After the surgery, Ananthan plans to put the dog 🐾in his Shelter🙏

The rescue of the dogs 🐕🐕from this contruction site has been going on for months now. All the dogs 🐕🐕were chased out after the completion of the building, the Mgmt have even called Council to take away the dogs. They have guarded the contruction site for almost 4 years.

Please help us with the Vet bill rm336.50 + rm3000 + pet taxi rm150 = rm3486.50