Fundraising Event

Bring a Little Joy to our Refugee Children at Christmas

  • 21/11/2016 - 25/12/2016
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 20,000

About Event

Please donate to give these children a little something to look forward to!

Millions of children around the world were forced to flee from their homes with their families. They have been through unimaginable trauma.

Some of them have made it to Malaysia.

Christmas is a happy and special time for kids, regardless of religion. Let’s show them some love and compassion by granting a few Christmas wishes.

Our partners are NGOs that are helping refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan, Rohingya Burma, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, etc by providing an environment that allows these kids to feel safe and secure & have a sense of normalcy.

Our partners run kindergartens, schools and vocational centres that will help these young people rebuild their lives and have a chance of a new future. Beneficiaries of this important campaign includes:

Fugee School works very closely with the refugee community in providing 130 students from Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Palestine with an education.

The Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) runs the SAHABAT Support Centre (SSC) project, with the goal of providing services to urban refugees from small minority communities. Refugees and asylum seekers come mainly from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, with a smaller number coming from other countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Sudan or Nigeria.

MERCY Malaysia focuses on providing medical relief, sustainable health – related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities, in both crisis and non – crisis situations.

The Lost Food Project collect surplus food from supermarkets & manufacturers in Malaysia & distribute it to those who really need it. They are also delivering food to the Rohingya community.

The Chin Student Organisation, whose mission is to educate to the Chin refugee children living in Kuala Lumpur, enhance and maintain their learning skills, and ensure they are ready for the future.