Fundraising Event

Join us to provide clean water for girls in East Nusa Tenggara

  • 17/06/2019 - 31/08/2019
  • Indonesia
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Target : USD 30,000

About Event

Climb the highest mountains to help move mountains in gender equality and access to clean water.

Hello, my name is Laksmi. I have a mission to move the mountain for children in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in Indonesia.

We often take water for granted, because it is available anytime we need it. While in NTT, it is not the case.
In some villages, culturally, little girls have to walk up to 2 hours to get water for their family. They face some risks of harassment, because they have to walk for hours in unsafe areas and even in the dark. They come late for school. They give up their time for playing with the other children and in addition to heavy physical activities, the lack of clean water affects their hygiene during menstruation.

This year, in my 50 years of age, I have a mission to climb three highest mountains in the equator: Kilimanjaro (5.895masl) in Tanzania, Carstensz Pyramid (4.884masl) in Papua, Chimborazo (6.268 masl) in Ecuador. Those three mountains are the symbol of the threat of climate change to water supply in the world. The snow on the cap of those mountains, the source of water for the lakes and rivers is estimated to disappear in the next 25 years.

I am called to dedicate this climbing mission to the provision of clean water in East Nusa Tenggara. By making the clean water easily accessible, girls can get equal rights for proper education, a safe environment from violence and grow healthily.

I want to share this mission with more people by raising funds to provide solution for the little girls in several villages in NTT. The fund will channeled to Plan International Indonesia Foundation to build pipes from water sources to houses in Rendowawu Village in Nagekeo, Flores, East Indonesia. We will also build rainwater reservoir in the houses.

We invite you to join our mission through this page, lets hold our hands together in providing access to clean water for children in NTT.