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Donate for MOJO!

  • 30/07/2021 - 30/09/2021
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 10,000

About Event

Meet Mojo, our newest GReP student!

Mojo is a 5 year old, White-Handed Gibbon surrendered by a man who bought him and a female named Tasha through Instagram. When Mojo and Tasha were infants they was shipped to the man via bus cargo, a harrowing journey experienced by many a young wildlife that are illegally traded as pets. Sadly, Tasha died just a month before Mojo was surrendered to us. Missing her, Mojo would call for her loudly everyday. This led his owners to surrendered into the care of GReP very recently.

Despite his owner’s best efforts, Mojo is malnourished, has an unhealthy and uneven coat and lacks in appetite and motivation. But that’s what we’re here for! Mojo has just started his rehabilitation journey at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. And things are already looking up! On his second day, he started sing. To his surprise, Ud replied to the song. (He’s currently in quarantine and can’t see any of the other gibbons) He looks happy that someone’s finally responded to his call. Although it’s not Tasha, at least he can now communicate with his own species again! We hope this brings him some comfort as he gets used to the new environment. It’s a long process but we are determined to see him back in the wild one day.

You can help kickstart his rehabilitation journey by donating to us. Your kind donations will contribute to the following:

  1. An IUCN grade rehabilitation enclosure – As a sub-adult, Mojo needs his own space. This will give him the freedom to express his natural instincts and spend his energy and gain muscle which he was unable to do for the past 5 years as a pet in a small cage.
  2. Enclosure accessories - Furniture, food baskets, cleaning supplies, etc. to make him comfortable and keep him active.
  3. Food & Medical Supplies - As a pet, Mojo was given inappropriate food leading him to be malnourished. Through medication, therapeutic food and a proper diet of mainly fruits and vegetable, we aim to get him from this feeble state to a healthy, happy gibbon.  
  4. Support for the operational funds of GReP and Mojo’s friends. In this Covid plagued time, we need extra financial help to keep the project running. This is to cover gibbon food, medical supplies, wages, rent, utilities, vehicles and more. Any additional funds will enable us to take in more gibbons like Mojo.

Mojo and his friends thank you for your support! <3


If you’re unable to donate through simplygiving, you can use the following options:

Bank in:

MAYBANK (Petaling Jaya Section 14)

Gibbon Conservation Society

Account Number: 562339408187

Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

or Paypal

Add the hashtag #4Mojo to your donation so we know it’s for him!