Fundraising Event

Emergency Appeal - Accommodation and Food Assistance to Migrant Domestic Workers

  • 17/08/2020 - 31/10/2020
  • Hong Kong
HKD 15,896
10% Complete
Target : HKD 150,000

About Event

During COVID19 pandemic, MFMW has assisted over 300 migrant domestic workers to find free temporary accommodation. Now, with the increased demand caused by the pandemic and the much-needed free shelters full, suitable and decent accommodation which is affordable for migrant domestic workers has become very difficult to find. Recent news report have highlighted the overcrowded and dangerous living conditions which many migrant workers must suffer as they have nowhere else to go. 

We are supporting migrant domestic workers in need, especially those who contracts are terminated and abandoned due to the COVID 19 pandemic, those who are waiting to receive their labour compensation, those who are in between jobs and those who are stranded in Hong Kong. 

To date, we have provided rent support to nearly 20 workers, but there are hundreds more that need our- and your- help. 

It costs $400 to sponsor 1 worker for accommodation and food for one week. 

$50,000 will support 30 workers to stay in Hong Kong for 1 month. 

We appeal for your help to house and feed this vulnerable and valued group within our community during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Please help- any amount you can give will be most gratefully received.