Fundraising Event

Help the Bornean Sun Bears!

  • 15/05/2020 - 31/07/2020
  • Malaysia
MYR 1,063
53% Complete
Target : MYR 2,000

About Event

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is a rehabilitation centre located in the Malaysian part of Borneo, Sabah. The centre was founded with a mission to protect the smallest bears from extinction. All 43 bears have been rescued from the illegal pet trade and poachers. With the love and care of the keepers and volunteers, they are learning the natural skills required so that they can be released back into the wild.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the center are closed to public and this has impacted their income badly. This fundraising drive aims to help the center to acquire fund to help them look after the bear. The fund will be use to buy materials for the bears enrichment needs. We all know extremely well how being at home 24/7 feels, so let’s not let the bears feel the same! Donate a small amount and the funds will go toward making sure that the bears at the BSBCC not only have full tummies but are mentally and physically stimulated.

Here are some examples of what they can get with your donation:
1. Hose pocket filled with spices, fruit (apple/ banana) or ginger leaves
2. Gunny sack with fragrant liquid, fruits or rope
3. Aussie dog ball filled with ginger leaves/ fruits or dog biscuits or a combination of spices, honey or peanuts
4. PVC pipes (different size) with fruits/ spices/ peanut butter inside

We’ve prepared an estimated price list to give you an idea of the expenditure too!

Basic Spare Parts
1. Nut RM5/Kg
2. Washer RM3.50/Kg
3. Poly Rope (12mm) RM10/Kg
4. Rope Clamp RM3.50/Unit
5. Shackle RM2.00/Unit
6. Drill Bit RM35/Unit
7. Gunny Sack RM1.50/Pcs
8. Towel (Medical Use) RM20/Pcs
9. Fire Hose (Expired Fire Hose)
10. Barrel Drum RM150/Unit
11. Blow Torch RM80/Unit
12. Butane Gas RM8/Unit
13. Wood Plank 2' X 6' X 8 Ft; RM20/Length
14. Chainsaw Blade RM35/Unit
15. Heavy Duty Carabiner RM15/Unit
16. Poly Water Storage Tank 200 Gallon RM200/Unit

1. Marshmallow RM 10/pck
2. Honey RM15/tube/1kg
3. Peanut butter RM10/can
4. Sensory powder (curry, turmeric, cinnamon) RM 5/pck
5. Fruit/seasonal fruit – subjected
6. Dog treat/biscuit - RM 140/20kg
7. Oatmeal RM 10/kg
8. Mealworm - self breed

1. Aussie dog ball - RM 250/unit
2. Kong (biggest size) -RM100/unit
3. PVC pipe (class 7)-1'; RM30/12ft