Fundraising Event

Greyhounds 2 HK Homes

  • 24/07/2018 - 31/12/2018
  • Hong Kong
HKD 22,166
27% Complete
Target : HKD 80,000

About Event

The Mission

Over 600 Greyhounds are in need of homes after The Macau Canidrome finally shut its doors for the last time! This is largely due to the tremendous efforts of Anima Macau and its supporters worldwide.

Our mission is to save as many of those Greyhounds as possible by finding adopters and sending the dogs to Hong Kong for a new life and beginning.

The Beginning: Cognac

It all started with Cognac (previous track name: Sakurasen) - adopted directly from the Canidrome by a couple from Hong Kong. Cognac is currently in quarantine in Macau and in the not too distant future, she will be living with her family happily in Hong Kong!

Then we joined forces and another Greyhound, Winston (previous track name: Good Exciting) joined the party. We were able to find an adopter for him and his family have made a few trips to Macau to visit him; they're currently awaiting his arrival after he completes his quarantine.

Currently we have two more Greyhounds, Trendy (previous track name: Trendy World) and Rich (previous track name: Rivh World) who are in need of homes. Once we find homes for Trendy and Rich, we will get more Greyhounds "released" to us and so on. The more we home, the more that can be saved.

How You Can Help: Donations and Adoption

Due to Hong Kong's regulations and policy, the process of importing a dog to Hong Kong from Macau is arduous and costly, especially due to quarantine and kennel fees. However, we realised that if we could raise the funds for the dogs' quarantine / kennel fees we could cut the overall cost almost in half as well as increase the opportunity of adoption. The more that get adopted, the more we can save. 100% of donations go directly to covering the quarantine costs ( including kennel fees) in Macau and a receipt can be issued upon request. 

Additionally, you can save a life by adopting. If you would like to adopt a Macau Greyhound, then please fill out our adoption form (please note that the $2500 Adoption fee listed on the form will not apply):

Please keep in mind that this adoption process does involve a lot of paperwork, costs, and a trip(s) to Macau; however, we will help and guide you throughout this process if needed. Now, let's get these deserving dogs home. 

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