Fundraising Event


  • 25/05/2019 - 30/06/2019
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 100,000

About Event

ZOTAC is coming on board in the spirit of humanity to extend their support by organizing charity tournament event " ZOTAC CUP". This charity tournament intent to raise much needed funds to support MERCY Malaysia (as one of their beneficiary) in providing quick and effective humanitarian response and development.

Continuing our effort to provide sustainable assistance and support to the affected community, our current assessments has identified that one of the urgent needs are the provisions of strategically located WASH infrastructure within the local communities place of living .

This program aimed to improve the health situation of the rural poor and enhance equitable development through provision of integrated WASH services in the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak; including hygienic behavior to break the contamination cycle of unhygienic latrines, contaminated water, and unsafe hygiene practices and scaling up of WASH services.

The goal for MERCY Malaysia's WASH project is to improve the health and socioeconomic well being of communities by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseased through sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

The project is expected to achieve this goal through these four objectives:

1. Increase access to sustainable, safe water and environmental sanitation for poor and vulnerable communities.

2. Reduce the prevalence of WASH related diseases, including trachoma, worm, and diarrhea diseases, through the promotion of personal hygiene and environmental practices.

3. Increase sustainability by promoting integrated water resources management at the local level, with a focus on maintaining the quality and quantity of drinking water.

4. Foster a new model of partnership and institutional synergy to ensure technical excellence, programmatic innovation, and long-term financial, social, and environmental sustainability in water management that can be replicated elsewhere needed.

Help us by donating to this campaign so we can implement the project successfully.