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助視會世界視覺日 World Sight Day 2017

  • 11/09/2017 - 31/10/2017
  • Hong Kong
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Target : HKD 20,000

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試回想您最值得回味的童年記憶,又試再想像一下,如果當時沒法看到,是何等痛苦? 對全球超過1億因白內障而視力嚴重受損的患者來說,這不單是一個惡夢,而是每天需要面對的事實。再試想像,如果您有白內障,不能讀、不能寫,身邊一切事物模糊不清,甚至離家出外亦充滿危險,你會怎樣面對呢? 幸好我們的世界仍是充滿希望的,白內障是可以通過低成本、高效益的手術治療來治癒。

助視會以杜絕白內障致盲為使命,我們現正努力不懈,於世界各地培訓眼外科醫生,讓貧困地區的白內障患者獲得手術治療,重拾清晰、健康的視力。藉著今年的 # 世界視覺日 ,助視會呼籲大家一同關注全球白內障失明人士, 今天大家可以一起為擁有健康視力,這份獨特且珍貴的禮物而慶祝時,亦可攜手帶走別人的痛苦,讓更多白內障失明者獲得重見光明的機會。


# 世界視覺日(World Sight Day),是由世界衛生組織和國際防盲協會共同發起的全球公益行動,目的是希望喚起人們對可避免盲症以及視力損害問題的關注與重視。 2017年的世界視覺日定為10月12日,而今年的口號是 : 【讓眼前的美景更有意義】。

Every morning we wake up and see the world as we know it. We go through our usual routine and head off into another day. For most of us it means a trip to another day.

Try this: imagine your most vivid childhood memory. Now imagine it again if you hadn't been able to see. For over 100 million people around the world are blind or severely visually impaired by cataracts, that's not a bad dream, it's every day.Imagine if you had cataracts. You can't read or write because everything is a blur, and even leaving home can be dangerous.  But there's hope! Cataracts can be cured by a low-cost, effective treatment.

HelpMeSee is committed to ending the global health crisis of cataract blindness. We are training surgeons around the world to restore sight of people in poverty areas. As the World Sight Day is coming , we would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness for the cataract patients around the world. Today we are celebrating the unique gift of sight while we could also help someone leave the darkness and SEE AGAIN!

Please join us to support World Sight Day 2017!

# World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October and is coordinated by IAPB under the VISION 2020 Global Initiative , to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. This year, the World Sight Day is on 12 October 2017 and the ‘Call to Action‘ for World Sight Day is:  Make Vision Count