Fundraising Event

減塑工作坊 Plastic Reduction On the Go

  • 05/04/2018 - 31/12/2018
  • Hong Kong

About Event


The Jane Goodall Institute (HK) has purchased two documentaries related to ocean plastic pollution. We welcome any organization to host or sponsor a workshop with details as follows:


  • 《 塑膠海洋》/《STRAWS》電影放映 (30分鐘)
  • 珍古德協會(香港)教育組帶領解說分享 (30分鐘)

The workshop will include:

  • Screening of "A Plastic Ocean" / "STRAWS" (30 min)
  • Debriefing by JGI (HK) Education Team (30 min)

費用 / Price

  • HKD $2,000 / workshop

有關 《塑膠海洋》 / About "A Plastic Ocean" 

《塑膠海洋》記錄片由Plastic Oceans Foundation攝製,揭露全球塑膠污染對海洋環境的破壞及對人類健康造成的威協,現今為止已於全球超過60個國家上映,2017年更獲得10個不同電影節獎項。

"A Plastic Ocean" produced by Plastic Oceans Foundation which reveals the unsettling truth about plastic pollution in oceans and the threats to human health. The film has been screened in over 60 counters and recognized with 10 awards from various film festivals from around the globe.

官方預告片 / Official Trailer:

有關 《STRAWS》 / About "STRAWS" 

由 Linda Booker 所拍的記錄片 《STRAWS》 獲獎無數,揭露出微小如一支飲管已足以對海洋及環境造成巨大破壞。

The award-winning documentary by Linda Booker, STRAWS, reveals the fact that as small as a plastic straw could be a huge contributor to plastic litter.

更多資料 / More Details: