Fundraising Event

Empowered 2 Teach

  • 01/11/2013 - 31/03/2014
  • Malaysia
MYR 2,470
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About Event

45% of Orang Asli children fail to enter secondary school. Many enter Standard 1 without any knowledge and ability to read, write or perform basic mathematics.

Project Empowered 2 Teach hopes to provide education to unreached indigenous (Orang Asli) children living without adequate access to pre-schools. With education, an Orang Asli child is able to grow up having the knowledge and skills to break free from the cycle of povery and to protect the rights of his or her own community.

In January 2014, we will have 4 up and running community pre-schools in villages off Slim River, Gopeng, Gerik and Gua Musang. The community pre-school will be self managed by Orang Asli teachers intentionally trained and supported by SUKA Society for this project.

Project Empowered 2 Teach will not only train the teachers, but the project will also supply financial and pre-school related resources. Through this project we aim to help 25 - 30 young children in each village, getting them ready and prepared for Standard 1. 

With 4 community pre-schools running in 2014, we would hopefully help develop 8 orang Asli pre-school teachers and provide education for 100 - 120 young Orang Asli children.

Help us fundraise by making RM800 your fundraising target. With RM800 we are able to support one Orang Asli teacher actively teaching 25 - 30 young children for a full month. Feel free to be bold and take on RM800 X (number of teachers) X (number of months) as well!

Education requires time. As such we want this project sustainable over 3 - 5 years. Lend your support, we want to keep the Orang Asli teachers teaching!