Fundraising Event

Chow Kit Run FUNdraiser

  • 14/03/2017 - 15/04/2017
  • Malaysia
MYR 5,000
50% Complete
Target : MYR 10,000

About Event

Calling All Runners - BE OUR FUNdraiser too! 

This first running series aspires to create a unique community event where participants could run to the beat of buskers on Chow Kit street in a fun-theme mask of their choices, right at the heart of KL city, happening on April 8th 2017!  #ChowKitRun #YCK

Ways To Support

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Be our FUNdraiser - If you're a participant in the Chow Kit Run, you can create your own fundraising page with a profile photo and a short message to invite friends to support you by donating to your page. Click on “Start Fundraising” (above) to create your fundraising page. 

About Chow Kit Run

The inaugural Chow Kit Run is organized as a fundraiser for the foundation, Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK). Participants could run, jog or walk to the beat of buskers on the street while wearing creative masks of their choices right in the heart of KL city. Chow Kit Run not only aspires to create an inclusive and meaningful community experience, but also to raise awareness about the hidden gems of Chow Kit such as our own wet market, food outlets, local business and wholesalers.

 YCK serves as children's NGO with a mission to provide a safe space and expose the children in the neighborhood to as many positive opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

The Foundation is in a unique position where we can be found working at the community level right up to engaging and advocating key policymakers and leaders on improving services and recognition of children's rights as enshrined in the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).