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Captain's medical fund

  • 09/06/2024 - 09/08/2024
  • Malaysia
MYR 70
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Target : MYR 1,616

About Event

Emergency Funds needed for Bleeding stray dog, thank you for live saving 🙏

On Friday 24/5/2024, we received 🆘 that a stray young male dog 🐾was found bleeding at the abdomen area. Informer had just used a towel to wrap the abdomen area to prevent for excessive bleeding. We don’t know the cause of the injury but the dog already had loss a lot of blood and looking very weak😪. The dog was sent to ZAC (Zen Animal Clinic) Emergency & Trauma treatment. Dr Toh informed that the dog’s red 🩸 cell count is dangerously low at 17 and need blood 🩸 transfusion immediately, it could die.

Desperately, we searched for blood donors. 4 dogs 🐕 was taken in but 3 failed to donate. Finally, dog #4 successfully able to donate blood 🩸.

On 26/5, ZAC called and informed that Captain is condition is stable 🙏. He can be discharged in the next few days. After discharging, Captain will be staying with a Fosteror for complete recovery.

We named the dog Captain and hope you can help Captain’s Emergercy fund rm1616.00