Fundraising Event

100 Women Doing Good June 2015

  • 16/06/2015 - 17/06/2015
  • Singapore
SGD 7,750
77% Complete
Target : SGD 10,000

About Event

An inspirational event bringing the hearts and minds of expat women together to do something wonderful for local charities in Singapore.

We're all gaining a lot from our time in Singapore - now we have the chance to give something back to our adopted home. We know that everyone would like to help good causes here, but the problem is how to choose one that is reputable and will spend your money wisely. Our goal on the night, is for 100 wonderful women to commit to donating $100 to at least one of the charities that will be sharing their inspiring stories. Donating is easy, once everyone’s decided who to support (the hard part!), we just go to this page 100 Women Doing Good, click on the 'donate now' button, and select our chosen charity to donate securely via