I'm making a difference by raising money for B40 women for their business startup model.

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Dear Madam / Sir,

Good day to you, I am hereby Sruthi A/P Jegan, L.L.B Year 2 student would like to request for a collaboration with this NGO organization in purpose of conducting our MPU Community Service Project entitled 'Entrepreneurship development programme for B40 women'. 

To be more detail, the specific event that we have decided to conduct any fundraising event for B40 women. Looking forward for your consideration about this request and it will be really very helpful for us if my assignment group members are able to collaborate with this organization. 

Our assignment's main purpose is to raise fund for Entrepreneurship development for B40 women. The targeted fund is RM 2000.00. The fund raised will be given to the project leads and training session about Entrepreneurship startup plans will be provided to B40 Women. The fund that is raised will be used as model to those B40 women who are interested to launch or expand their enterprises. 

The reason that we would like to collaborate with this organization is to conduct any fundraising event together to reach the targeted fund of RM 2000.00 and needed more publicity about this so that the targeted fund will be raised. So, we are looking forward to work with you in any fundraising event and we could discuss what are the events could be conducted.

A very important point to note is that this project is required to be executed within the deadline which is within 29th February 2024 till 4th April 2024.

Thank you

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