UPDATE: Enrico Menichetti and Victor Consunji have successfully finished one of the toughest races on earth... all for the benefit of children! We have also exceeded the target funds to raise but please keep the donations coming to help more children. On top of Victor matching our initial target, Enrico will also be giving Php 100k as a bonus for us reaching our goal! To everyone who has supported their run and helped us in acheiving our goal, Thank You Very Much! Maraming Salamat po!

My Story

Victor Consunji and Enrico Menichetti have decided to go the extra mile to help children in need from the Philippines as they join the 2018 Marathon Des Sables in Morocco. The Marathon Des Sables is coined 'the toughest foot race on earth'. The race takes place annually in the Moroccan Sahara and brings together approximately 800 athletes from around the world. 

Race details: 250+ kms (156+ miles); 6 stages over 7 days; A long stage of 90+ kms; Self-sufficient for the 7 days, with water rations and tent supplied; Temperatures of 40+ degrees centigrade

Message from Enrico and Vic:

Hi there! 

Our journey started many months ago, but we are now close to the start of this adventure, an unknown terrain and experience that we will be running for a cause. The race will take place ‪from 08 to 16 April 2018‬ in southern Morocco. Carrying all our gear, nutrition and needs for 7 days (still trying to keep it below the 10kg weight limit ), we will be covering a distance of 250KM through dunes, sand…more sand... and a lot of “desert sunshine”. 

We are running each kilometer of that race with the aim to collect funds that will provide children in the Philippines with various necessities that up to today are scarce in many of the remote communities. Your donations to this cause will be used to support World Vision programs focused on three main necessities:
  1. Health: The first $2,000 or Php 105,000 we raise, will be used to provide water facilities for elementary school students in Loboc, Bohol.
  2. Nutrition:The next $4,000 or Php 210,000 we pool together will help feed 100 children aged 6 - 59 months suffering from malnutrition in Laurel, Batangas. 
  3. Education: And the last $4,000 or Php 210,000 will be allocated to provide school supplies to 520 children in need from the City of Malabon.
Please help sponsor our journey and help children from these communities to a better future, by donating “$25 for each kilometer”. On top of that, Vic has promised to match every donation made up to 10,000 USD. 

Every distance sponsored, is a step in building a brighter future for the children!

Recent Donors

  • Kristine Guiao

    AED 10 01/09/2018

  • Jobie Pacheco

    Congrats Enrico and Vic!

    PHP 4,000 27/04/2018

  • Dominique Santos

    PHP 300 26/04/2018

  • Seph Garcia

    PHP 500 26/04/2018

  • Michelle Marketos

    Amazing accomplishment!!!

    USD 25 23/04/2018

  • Cat Arambulo-Antonio

    So proud of you, Vic!!!! Congratulations Vic & Enrico.... and Maggie. Love you guys! ❤️🇵🇭😘

    PHP 10,000 23/04/2018

  • Carol Nelson

    Very proud of you. Well done and congratulations. :)

    PHP 4,000 23/04/2018

  • Frances Zulueta

    PHP 1,000 22/04/2018

  • Anonymous

    PHP 500 21/04/2018

  • raj & parul

    you know vic.. you could have worn some socks and shoes like normal marathon runners... this barefoot thing doesnt seem to be working out too well for you foot spa and pedicure session on me when you get back...

    PHP 10,000 21/04/2018

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