This year again, after a tough year, I will be part of this wonderful event. Donate and help me raise money for the Po Leung Kuk All-Rounded Development Program and help underprivileged kids to discover fun extra curriculum activities like. dance, painting, cooking, and maybe find a passion in life! more information on this program :

My Story

6 years ago I went for the first time to the Zumbathon, and it was the beginning of my story with both Zumba and Angels for Children. A year later I was organising it as one of the main volunteer of Angels for Children. This event is special for me as all the profit raised is going to help Po Leung Kuk Children discover new activity and find a passion, something that make you smile and feel good about yourself, like Zumba was for me. While these kids have everything in term of minimal survival, in term of clothes, food and school, nothing is include in the government help to broader their horizons through activities like sport, art, music. They also need to be educated to what life outside the orphanage is, from how to pay taxes to what is contraception. While their basic needs are meet, they lack the education, the knowledge you acquire through a family. I have been organising this event for more over 5 years now and this year is very special for me. After battling (and winning;)) a Breast cancer, all of this makes even more sense for me, and I just hope to help the best I can to give a better life to these kids. Of course doing while shaking my b... on music I love makes it enjoyable!! 

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Émilie ! Quel bel exemple tu nous donnes ! Bisous

    HKD 250 29/08/2019

  • Saipoh Teoh

    Keep being wonderful!

    HKD 500 29/08/2019

  • Nova Thomas

    Have an amazing Zumbathon! Will be thinking of you! Dance on!! Love the Angels xxxx

    HKD 1,000 29/08/2019

  • Nancy Belanger

    HKD 200 28/08/2019

  • Monica Chaudhary

    HKD 500 28/08/2019

  • Rose Vilcocq

    Bravo Emilie, tu m'impressionnes!! Garde cette énergie !! Bisous

    EUR 10 26/08/2019

  • Alice Kuit Freeman

    Donate to my beautiful Emilie to reach her 10K! Stay strong & beautiful. Cheers & greetings all the way from Dubai.

    HKD 445 22/08/2019

  • Lynsey Woollicroft

    HKD 200 22/08/2019

  • Emilie Clairet

    HKD 500 19/08/2019

  • Emilie Clairet

    Thank you Rebecca Taylor for your donation!

    HKD 400 18/08/2019

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