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My Story

Dear All,

I am working at Eastspring Investments Korea office and I will take part in 46-mile cycling event as one of 25 Prudential employees from Asia to help raise funds for Posko Jenggala, a disaster relief organisation that is supporting the recovery efforts of quake-hit communities in Lombok, Indonesia.

Prudential is supporting the longer-term recovery efforts of two villages in Lombok hit by the terrible earthquake in August last year. The Prudence Foundation, Prudential Indonesia and Prudential’s head office are providing financial support to build 102 temporary homes, two kindergartens, two prayer rooms and a basketball court. Working with Prudential, Posko Jenggala builds on those efforts to provide aid to the affected region.

Also, I would like my ride to be a great motivation for all people, especially for all mothers, raring to challenge. I have never riden such a long distance before, but I believe that the challenge in England this summer will be a great momentum to me.

I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

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    Go Go & Complete beautiful ride

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    Go GO!! Elly JUNG!!!

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    You are our team's HOPE!!! Fighting!

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    You will make it~!!

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