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Thank you for supporting our cause! You have made a tangible impact on these children's lives :D Now, for your valiant efforts, another child will receive his birthright of an education. Deepest of gratitude and spread the word!

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One of the most important human right is the right to education. It shapes our society and transforms the future. This cause is aimed at protecting and enforcing this right for the children of the Philippines. The inherent problem lies in poverty stricken areas, in which parents force their children to stay home and work so that they may be able to put food on the table. This tragic occurrence can be abolished through your help. We plan to combat this abject issue through a fundraiser, fuelled by the sales of our charity bracelets and stationary such as notebooks and pencils. All of the money raised from the sales will be used towards providing education for the impoverished children. In addition to the conventional scholarships provided, we will also pursue a revolutionary novel approach in an attempt to foster a ubiquitous and hospitable environment for education. We will be launching an incentive based reward programs in our partnered schools so that the students would be rewarded for things like perfect attendance and stellar academic achievements with necessities such as bags of rice or canned goods. This will serve as incentive for not only the students but also the parents and incentivise them to pursue education. The parents will take more interest in their children's education and support it. We are hoping to see this spread through the word of mouth and encourage students in different schools to pursue education with will.

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