The Drifters are swimming around Hong Kong island... Yes, around the entire island - as part of the HK 360 Swim Race. We are aiming to swim the 45 - 50 kilometres in around 12 hours and set a new Team World Record in the process! Please support us by making a donation to our favourite Hong Kong charity - the Splash Foundation!

My Story

The Challenge
 - On Saturday 17 November 2018, the Drifters will set off at 4am in a bid to swim the 45 - 50 kilometres around Hong Kong island as part of the HK 360 Swim Race. 

The Drifters
- The Drifters are a team of 'almost made it' sportsmen who gather once a year to push themselves to the limit in the hope of achieving endurance based sporting goals (and to escape the office for a few days).
- The Drifters formed in 2012 and have:
  • Conquered the English Channel...twice;
  • Completed The Enduroman 'Arch to Arc' from London to Paris (run London to Dover, swim the English Channel, cycle Calais to Paris);
  • Made it from Europe to Asia (the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim);
  • Taken the long way by swimming from Corsica to Sardinia (the Bonifacio Channel); and
  • Dodged Sharks in the Rottnest Island Swim (on multiple occasions).
- Whilst we are currently scattered across the globe (London, New York, Hong Kong and Australia) - nothing is more important than conquering the Hong Kong 360 Swim in November and raising much needed funds for the Splash Foundation 
- Be a part of the journey this November and help the Drifters set a new World Record as they swim around Hong Kong!
- More on the Drifters here

Splash Foundation
- The Splash Foundation is Hong Kong's only charitable organisation that uses swimming to empower and connect under-resourced communities.
- Splash is created on the premise that there should be no socio-economic barriers when learning how to swim. 
- Splash's main beneficiary group in Hong Kong is migrant domestic workers (many of whom come from the Philippines and Indonesia where swim lessons are either not available or financially inaccessible). 
- Splash also runs Summer programmes for kids from low income communities in Hong Kong. 
- Help Splash reach the goal of teaching 5,000 people by 2020!
- Learn more about the Splash Foundation here and here 

Recent Donors

  • Joanna Rohan

    What an amazing achievement!! Well done!!

    AUD 50 23/11/2018

  • Cat Rotondo


    AUD 25 23/11/2018

  • Cassandra Mardi

    Good job guys!!!

    HKD 150 21/11/2018

  • Anonymous

    excellent work!

    GBP 25 20/11/2018

  • Cheryl Potter

    Many congratulations Andy (and friends) on an amazing swim!

    GBP 250 19/11/2018

  • Anoushka Amin

    GBP 50 19/11/2018

  • Fabrice Schwartz

    GBP 50 19/11/2018

  • Leonie Morel

    GBP 100 19/11/2018

  • Alex N

    Great job!

    GBP 50 19/11/2018

  • Kurt

    Amazing work guys. Very impressive!

    HKD 3,000 19/11/2018

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