Every P1,000 donation provides 2 kids with a bag and school supplies!

My Story

Friends and fam,

I'd like for you to meet Berna. She lives in a humble home with her 9 brothers, a dog named Teddeber, and a cat (also named Berna). She consistently tops in class, and is one of the sweetest kids I had met on the field. 

I'm fundraising learner's kits so that Berna and other WV kids will have new school supplies this June. Each learner's kit comes with a snazzy new backpack, papers, pencils, and a brand new hope. 

I know what it feels like to have new supplies for school and I'd been lucky my parents afforded me new supplies every year. To Berna though, a school bag is already a luxury.

I'm fundraising P10,000 for this cause, and every P1,000 provides for 2 kids. That means 20 kids will have new kits! 

Meeting Berna gives me hope that there's a bright future for kids like her. Thank you for sharing that hope with me. :)

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    Hi Addie, I hope for you to reach your goal soon. Godspeed!

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