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Please support us by donating to make a difference in the lives of orang asli kids!

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My name is Doen En. I've dabbled in various areas of youth & community work, but this is my first time doing anything along the lines of a charity climb/run/get-tired-and-sweaty thing. I am very big on education and firmly believe that it is more than just a basic right. We city-dwellers tend to take it for granted, while others out there who want to go to school can't, or struggle so much that school becomes just a burden! I highly encourage all those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in areas where school is normal, to do everything in our power to see that kids everywhere are recipients of the same privilege. Your contributions will go towards keeping schools for orang asli kids up and running, as well as paying the salaries of teachers employed in said schools. Please consider giving even a small amount – every ringgit counts towards a potentially big change in the lives of these kids! :)

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  • Loo Ling Wu

    MYR 5,000 09/07/2018

  • Anonymous Y

    MYR 100 05/07/2018

  • Anonymous

    On behalf of Lili, CY & Ari!

    MYR 500 21/06/2018

  • James Ong

    MYR 100 06/06/2018

  • Darryl Ooi

    Onward and upward!

    MYR 300 06/06/2018

  • Adeliyn


    MYR 750 06/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 150 05/06/2018

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