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We are students of Diploma in Building from Tunku Abdul Rahman University Management and Technology, we'll be organizing a fundraising campaign for SPCA Penang. 

The globe has been rocked by the Covid19 pandemic's sudden advent, which has also shaken the world's governments and economies. Numerous challenges have been faced by both nations and people, such as unemployment and financial difficulties. As a result, overall donations to charity organisations have decreased. The present epidemic has significantly affected the day-to-day necessities needed to run NGOs due to the halt of donations.

We, the students of DBL Group, would like to provide our support and donations to all five organisations fighting the pandemic with the help of TARUMT and the generosity of the people. We believe SPCA and its goals to better the lives of the underprivileged, and we think that those underprivileged people ought tohave the chance to strive for a better future. Consequently, "CutePaws" Through "Simply Giving," a non-profit platform that sends money directly to nonprofit organisations, we will accept donations. Through the seven-week promotion of our fundraising campaign on social media sites like Instagram, we hope to motivate people to change the world. Our minimum fundraising target is RM 500, and the proceeds will go to SPCA charities. Last but not least, we hope that our efforts and contributions will help the less fortunate, regardless of the outcome of the fundraising activities.

As lovers of animals, we are aware of how crucial it is to give all living things large and small a safe and healthy habitat. Unfortunately, owing to carelessness or a lack of resources, many animals are abandoned, mistreated, or left to suffer. CutePaws steps in to help with this because we are committed to generating money and awareness to better the lives of animals and make sure they get the care they need. Our goal is to collaborate withanimal shelters, rescue groups, and other animal welfare organisations to provide basic necessities like food, shelter, and medical attention. You can improve the lives of animals and make the world a better place for all living things by contributing to CutePaws. Join us in helping to donate CutePaws to animals in need and build a better future for all creatures.

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    Pets are better than human beings because they know but didn't tell

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