We sincerely hope that you can contribute to the children and teenagers from YCK to create a better and brighter future for them. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say "Thank You" to everyone who has donated. We are truly grateful for your generosity and your contribution is greatly appreciated. 我们在此希望大家能够和我们一起为这些在 YCK 需要帮助的孩童们创造更美好和闪亮的未来。我们先在这里致以最真诚的感谢于所有的参与者。感谢各位的慷慨和大度。

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Yayasan Chow Kit

Yayasan Chow Kit is a registered non-profit organization in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which provides basic essential needs such as shelter, food, education programmes and such to underprivileged children and teenagers around Chow Kit. The journey of a child in YCK will be designed based on their background and needs. This runs as a case-to-case basis for every child to ensure that each and everyone of them are receiving the most appropriate and relevant resource available. 

YCK 是以注册的非营利组织,他们主要方向是帮助有需要的孩童和青少年提供一个完善的生活空间。

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About our team, Group3

We are a group of students known as Group3 from Taylor's University Malaysia. Currently, we are enrolled in a module called Community Service Initiative. In this module, we are trying to make a positive impact in the community by creating an online fund raising activity for Yayasan Chow Kit. From this fund raising activity, we hope that our contribution will benefit the organization financially especially in these challenging times due to the pandemic so that they can continue to help children in need. We are trying to promote YCK's goal and mission because we believed that every child should have equal dignity and rights as they are all born equal. 

我们是来自泰来大学 Group3 的学生。目前我们参与了学校社区服务活动。在此活动中我们参加了YCK的募资活动以此来为这个社会做出贡献。我们希望在这次的募资活动能够帮助YCK减轻一些财务负担来帮助一些有需要的孩童和青少年因为我们相信每个孩童应该有权利拥有一个更好的生活。

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