Hi everyone! I'm the CEO of SimplyGiving and I am participating in this (epic) Battle to raise funds for a cause that is close to my heart - Yayasan Chow Kit. They fight to improve the lives of every kid that comes their way. "Every Child Matters" is their motto and they live fiercely by it.

My Story

 Every Child Matters

 This is a charity that Naya and I have been supporting for the past 3 years. They fight to protect every child, never giving up. And constantly just building on this to impact wider and deeper.

This is why we need to help YCK:

"It’s been a terrible year for Yayasan Chow Kit, financially. Even though we are blessed with loyal supporters and friends who rally to our side when we wanted to support a sick child or family, we find it difficult to keep ourselves afloat for operations and our social workers programme or to fix the roof, support our safehouse and staff in PJ or pay to renovate our house in Langkawi or kickstart our programmes there. We only have 7 more months of funding to keep ourselves afloat while we lobby and campaign for bigger grants to be approved. This is a first for us! It’s never been so dire. So we’re trying to do smaller funding initiatives to muddle through while we restrategize, reframe our programmes and help more children than ever before. From now till the 31st of December, I will be sharing the kinds of work we do and our programmes. How much we need per pillar and programme. How many children and families it affects and what it means to us if you we could hold on to your generosity and love for just a little bit longer. While we don’t want handouts, it would be great if all of our YCK friends would consider investing in us a little bit more than usual. Times are hard. Corporates are looking for different kinds of initiatives. Love the idea of social entrepreneurship and impact investments and Return of Investments. We want to do it too. But all of this takes time. In the meantime, some of us still have to deal with sick kids, hungry kids, kids who need alternative education, rent, water damage and putting a roof and providing shelter for vulnerable children. If you have ideas or thoughts to help us keep afloat till the big ideas come or extra change to spare, please donate to our general fund and our social workers programme. Thanks so much!" Tini Zainudin, Founder of Yayasan Chow Kit and a great friend! 18 Nov 2019

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    Keep up the great work Cheryl! You are truly making an impact!

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    Love from Kuche.

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    You got this cuz

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