Currie and I (Chau) are taking part in the Angkor Wat haft marathon this year to raise money for marginalized children and youth across South East Asia through Friends International

My Story

From Chau-

As most of you know, I have had quite a big change in my career recently, jumping from private sector to the NGO/social enterprise sector. I’m currently working for Friends International based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They are a well-regarded, trustworthy and amazing organisation. I got to see first hand the fantastic work that has been done to help vulnerable marginalized children, youth and families in Cambodia and across the region.  

I haven't done much fundraising before simply because the concept isn't a thing in Vietnam. And as most of you know Currie and I, we are not the sort of people who want to push ourself out there ðŸ˜œ running in a hot humid weather  🔥 to conquer any competition - it’s basically insane! We would rather go to a pub and have a lovely pint instead 🍻 ! However, this year is different 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ . Because this is an organisation and cause that I’m dedicated to and of course Currie wants to support me and our amazing work, we are joining the run this year and aim to raise $500++as a target 😍 .

Here are a few examples of the real impact your donation can have:

$10 - health care for one student for a month

$25 - one school kit for a child to go to school

$50 - a month of vocational training for one student

$120 - provides food and accommodation to a student for a month

$250 - cost to launch a caregivers small business


From Currie -

Cambodia has had a special place in my heart since I first visited back in 2007. I am now in my second round of living in this fascinating country and am lucky enough to have started a new chapter in my life both personally, with Chau joining me here, and professionally, working at a stellar international school. There is a lot that has changed since I first visited the Kingdom of Wonder, infrastructure is improving, cities providing more expat comforts and the society is modernizing. Despite advancements and improvements the situation for those on the lowest end of the social and economic scale is still pretty dire. Poverty, drug abuse, sexual exploitation and lack of access to education are problems that persist and do not receive the attention from the problematic governing regime. Friends International is one of the most well respected and established NGOs here working to improve the lives of each and every Cambodian. It isn’t often that I take the opportunity to actively fundraise, it has been a long time since freshman year cross country team, and I kind of hate running. However, this is a good cause I have some history with, both past and present, and thought it would be a great opportunity to try and add even a little bit of support.  

Any contribution you feel you are able to make will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much!

From Currie and Chau xoxo

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