Pleased to meet all of you and let us self-introduce ourselves. We are a group of students from TARUMT Penang Branch currently studying in Diploma in E-marketing and we are doing a fundraising initiative that aims to help dogs and cats in need by giving them care and support. We recognise how critical it is to give cats and dogs a secure and healthy home. Regrettably, a lot of animals are neglected or abused, or they endure suffering as a result. Care with Love is committed to fundraising money and awareness to better their lives and make sure they get the care they need. That's where we come in. SPCA is short of funds because of the large monthly expenses, such as staff salaries, animal rescue and research and development. Our mission is to partner with SPCA to help cats and dogs in need through donations. You may contribute to improving the lives of animals in our planet by supporting care and affection. Preserve them and improve the environment for all living things. Join us. For animals in need, we work to give and build a brighter future.

My Story

It is an undeniable fact that some dogs and cats are very lucky enough to enjoy life with their beloved owners and loved by all. On the other hand, some are extremely unfortunate to get neglected and thrown away leading to an extreme amount of strays seen on the road and basically everywhere you go. Isn’t it sad to see them suffer like that when they deserve the same love equally as other pets. But luckily we,the students of DEMG2Y1S3 will be willing to give them a helping hand along with the teachers and students of TAR UMT Penang Branch. With the generosity of us as well as the teachers and students, some changes are hope to be seen gradually. With the proud name of “Care with Love”. We will be receiving donations through “SimplyGiving”, a non-profitable website whereby the donations will be directly transferred to the charity organizations. With the progress of 14 weeks, we will be progressively promoting fundraising campaign through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to encourage them to assist by donating. We are hoping to hit the target of RM1000 or even more if all of us unite together as a team and the final amount will be donated to SPCA Penang . Last but not least, we would like to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and cats instead of buying another one where you could get the same love for free from another loving companion. Lastly, no matter what amount of funds we have accumulated, we hope that our effort and contribution will help them and may god bless them with a forever loving home.



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    MYR 10 03/21/2023 06:05:02 AM UTC

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