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The true spirit of Ramadan shines brightest when we give from the heart <3

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BRIGHTEN THEIR WORLD: Support Autism together this Ramadan 

In this holy month of Ramadan, where every small act of kindness is magnified, let's extend our hands in generosity with our 'Gifts of Hope' campaign. OSK Foundation, together with OSK Ventures, are reaching out with open hearts to the special kids at IDEAS Autism Centre. 

We are aiming to collect RM5,000, which we'll proudly match, to brighten up Ramadan and Hari Raya for these wonderful children and their devoted caretakers. Your donations mean warm meals, essential learning tools, and the joy of care. Every ringgit adds up to a big difference!

Join us in this season of giving. Together, we can make this Ramadan a memorable one for those at IAC. A small act of your kindness could be a huge leap for them. 

Let’s donate generously and wrap these young hearts and their families with the warmth of the OSKER community’s care.

"The true spirit of Ramadan shines brightest when we give from the heart."

Recent Donors

  • Tan Sri Ong Leong Huat

    Wishing everyone a blessed Raya celebration. Thank you for all your support!

    MYR 800 04/17/2024 12:25:14 PM UTC

  • Siew Ling Yip

    MYR 100 04/09/2024 02:58:30 PM UTC

  • Lim Yen Yi

    MYR 10 04/09/2024 07:34:10 AM UTC

  • cheng kee thiam

    MYR 150 04/09/2024 06:51:11 AM UTC

  • Cheng Lit Choo

    MYR 57 04/09/2024 03:46:49 AM UTC

  • Pn Sri Khor Chai Moi

    wishing everyone a blessed Raya!

    MYR 500 04/08/2024 06:11:58 AM UTC

  • Salam Ramadhan

    MYR 75 04/08/2024 12:28:18 AM UTC

  • PFKC

    MYR 200 04/05/2024 02:37:34 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

    MYR 10 04/05/2024 09:38:14 AM UTC

  • Jesslyn Yee

    MYR 300 04/05/2024 05:36:46 AM UTC

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