Help us make a difference! Join our mission to fight lung cancer during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The "Breathe Strong: Herald of Hope" project is a dynamic and impactful fundraising initiative designed to raise awareness about lung cancer and support the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

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Our Project "Breathe Strong: Herald of Hope” is a fundraising project that will be held at Universiti Malaya. As a non-governmental organization, National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is financed entirely by contributions and donations from the public, and with some help from our group, we can raise some funds for NCSM to provide holistic cancer-related services to cancer patients, caregivers and the public through their centers. 

As the public awareness regarding cancer in Universiti Malaysia is not being circulated around much and has not been mentioned in any kind of programs and activities, we as students at University Malaya has a duty to bring up the issues involving cancers and spread the awareness that had been done by NCSM while also educating ourselves regarding cancers in the process. Our main justification for conducting this project is to give financial support to NCSM for them to conduct more activities with the funds we acquired. Furthermore, young generations like us are not conscious regarding the issues involving cancer and that’s why our group hopes that others in University Malaya can be more aware about the risk of cancer as the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

In line with the lung cancer awareness month in November, our group will start the project by selling some baked goods by this month with some of us having the expertise in baking while others will do the marketing and selling baked goods to the students in Universiti Malaya. We all agreed that all the profits gained from the sales will be given to the NCSM to be given to anyone who’s in need of it. Not only that, but we will also do various other activities such as online fundraising and educating the public regarding cancer. 

As the project will be done continuously by this semester, we hope that we can bring up the numbers of monetary contribution as much as we can possibly get with our current manpower but considering us as students, even if we can only generate some meager amount to NCSM, we hope it will be considered as a great contribution to help the people in need especially towards the cancer patients. We hope that the money that we manage to generate can be used for the NCSM noble cause.

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