I am running for a Cancer donation campaign as this is very, very close to my heart. Do support the patients and the survivors, by giving them lots of love, encouragement and your kind donation. Every single ringgit can help to save lives and most importantly, make a difference in someone's life.

My Story

I have always been an advocate of raising awareness and funds to help those in needs, especially when people who are most dear to me were once in need.  

The painful memories of my loved ones' treatment are deeply etched into my brain.  It was agonizing to see them suffer the pain during the entire journey. Apart from that, the stress and pressure that we, the family members had to face was beyond imaginable. To me, the journey was a toil, physically, mentally and emotionally for every single patient, their care givers and loved ones. 

Till present, the word Cancer still makes me cringe in fear.   I am not alone in this. I am sure all of you know or heard of people close to you having this, some recovered, some don't.

We all talk about how dreadful this can be but no one wants to be diagnosed with it. No one welcomes it.   For those who have to face it, be it a patient or their loved ones, it feels lonely to begin with. As medical science evolves, this illness is not as scary because early detection can save lives. With the information and knowledge that we have now, we are able to take on this battle more confidently and with greater success.  

7 years ago, I did my first Go Bald Campaign to help raise awareness on the importance of early detection and to raise funds. Today, I want to do this again and for the simplest reason; continue to raise awareness and funds for those who needs it. For all your donation and support, I pledge to go bald on 30th of Dec to signify a renewed life, a fresh beginning and an even better year for everyone in 2022. 

To all the cancer patients and survivors out there, I salute you for your courage, determination and perseverance to live life o the fullest!
To all their loved one out there, I salute you for your patience, love and empathy!

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    Happy New Year

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    Goodbye to year 2021 soon. Countdown and welcoming to new year 2022 soon. Happy New Year To All 😃

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