We, Earthlings, are the chosen beings to take care of and protect the planet. The Authority that the Almighty has given us to govern all of his creations. From the beautiful lands and mountains to the clear blue waters of the Oceans, lakes, and rivers. The green trees and plants of the forests, the clean air that we breathe, the creatures that roam and walk on the earth, swim under the seas, and all other beings that are peacefully living on the environment.

My Story

The responsibility to love these creations is always part of our life as humans. However, look at what we all have done? Massive Deforestation, continuously producing toxic and waste, never-ending creation of chemicals that are harmful to the planet, and we people even contributed a lot of eco-disasters that created vector-borne diseases, the non-stop heat emissions, over usage of coal and lead, selfishly transforming of forests into theme parks and recreations places to amuse us, less support to the agricultural sector that provides us food, and our failure to look after the natural heritage that our ancestors left us are many of the reasons why we are experiencing a lot of climate emergencies and disasters.

So this is how we reshape the planet? Do we even still deserve it? What will be left for us and for the future generations to come if we continue to neglect our duty as a Planeteer?
Now we are trying our best to survive and embrace the new normal since the life-threatening pandemic is still present. The current global problem even taught us that with less intervention of us people to the planet, it can create peace within the environment. It showed us clearer skies, cleaner air, and healing of the atmosphere, more pure and blue waters, and even proven us that with the past few restrictions we had, the less waste we give on the planet.

It is never too late to act and do something about it. We are the Planeteers. We can prove that the Better normal is us. We bring "Greenpeace" to the planet.

“The power of collective action has never failed to move us, in ways we never could have imagined.”

You've reached the volunteer edition page in support of Greenpeace PH's #BetterNormal campaign. If you have come to this page, it means that you do care enough for the environment or are drawn to support someone who passionately does. We thank you for taking time and for showing support in our collective call towards a green and just recovery from the current pandemic. 

Let's do our share in our transition to a better normal – one where no Filipino will be vulnerable to pandemics, disasters, and climate impacts. And each of us can contribute to this transition in our own unique way! Through maintaining green and sustainable lifestyles and promoting such solutions in our cities and municipalities. 

 We need government and collective action that’s inspired by community-based solutions we see now. We need a transformative recovery plan that puts us – the people and the environment – at the center. The pandemic has shown us what needs to be changed and how we should change. More than ever, Greenpeace Philippines will continue to work in the midst of the pandemic to call on partners and stakeholders to reimagine, co-create and work on alternative solutions towards a better normal post-COVID-19. 

 And we each have a role in this too, because any lasting change we want to see in our cities and municipalities should start with ourselves. Only together can we shape a #BetterNormal for a healthier environment. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

Recent Donors

  • Kristan Mhel Franco

    Hi peeps! Continue the campaign! Invite more and spread the care to our environment! Looking forward to be part of it soon! Godbless! Keep safe everyone! 😘

    PHP 300 12/08/2020

  • Marvin Lapuz

    The New Normal can be turned into a Better One. We all must take part in taking care of our planet. Good job, Mel, and to your team (Planeteers Unite)! Thank you, Greenpeace!

    PHP 200 09/08/2020

  • Michael Denzo

    Stay Clean and Green, save the environment!

    PHP 200 08/08/2020

  • Clark Charles S. Rafanot

    I am glad that there are people who love the environment. Good job Mel and to the team Planeteers Unite! Go Greenpeace!

    PHP 500 06/08/2020

  • Erika Ocampo

    PHP 200 06/08/2020

  • Ronaldo Recto

    Praying for the volunteers who hardly doing their best to bring back the greener environment for the future generations.. 😊

    PHP 200 02/08/2020

  • angie

    I hope this little amount will help you guys with your advocacy. Thank you so much!

    PHP 250 02/08/2020

  • Mark Angelou M. Realba

    Sharing and giving whatever I can for the Environment and for the affected communities is a blessing from God. 😊 Thank you Planeteers Unite and Greenpeace for the wonderful advocacy. I stand for the planet is my "Better Normal".

    PHP 700 01/08/2020

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