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Covid-19 Emergency Donation Appeal - Please help us to continue helping others

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About Appeal

Following recent spike of the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) cases in Malaysia and the government's movement control order, it is important for us to update you on TLFP's operations.


These are unprecedented times for Malaysia and with the movement control order in place until 31 March 2020, we will see limitations in terms of daily activities and operations. However, given that the government has allowed for essential businesses to operate as usual including retail and food supplies, this also essentially means that TLFP can still operate with the support from our food partners, on dried goods, baked goods and other items.

Our weekly pickups from Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur however will be restricted for the moment at least until the end of the Order as we understand the government's need to stop the spread of the virus especially in enclosed and crowded places. Therefore our operations involving PBKL will cease until further notice.

Operations at our warehouse will be restricted to our staff and a core group of volunteers with very limited number of pax at any single time. TLFP has always placed an importance on high hygiene standards and food safety, and will continue to do so.

Delivery of food to charities will also require higher standards of operations, and we will brief our volunteer drivers to ensure that there is minimal contact between them and others who are involved during pickups and deliveries.


We understand that this will have an impact on our charity partners and beneficiaries due to the limitations on our food sourcing, but we will strive to continue to provide food to our most vulnerable charities.

We rely on your help during these trying times. If you can help us help the most vulnerable in our society, please donate today.

It is very important that we continue to stand together to help those who will be impacted most by this global crisis. Sadly, thousands of our beneficiaries will not be able to receive their weekly provision due to the crisis and many will struggle to provide for themselves with a possible loss of income.

We therefore would like to appeal to our supporters, if you do have essential food items you could donate (see list of items below) please can drop them at our warehouse here (every Monday and Thursday morning from 9.30-11.30am).

In addition, we are launching an urgent appeal for additional funding for our operations during these times to ensure that we are able to continue to reach those most in need and get back on track once we ride off this crisis.
You can donate here or directly to our Maybank account (The Lost Food Project - account number 514897068927).


You can also fundraise for us virtually, from the comforts of your own home. Please click on Start Fundraising to create your personalised fundraising page and share it with your network of friends and family and through email, WhatsApp and social media, etc. 

Every bit of help counts.


We are mindful of the efforts that are being taken by the government to ensure the health and safety of the people in Malaysia are secured first and foremost, and as such we would like to heed their call and remind all our partners and volunteers to continue practising good hygiene, practise social distancing and limit movements and activities outside of the house.
We are confident that if we continue to unite as one as we have always done, no one will be left behind.

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