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Helping those who lost their jobs with R(ent), U(tilities), L(iving) E(xpenses). #THBRULE

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 Helping those who lost their jobs with R(ent), U(tilities), L(iving) E(xpenses).

Malaysia Records Three Daily Suicides this year upto May 2021. This means three deaths by suicide occurred nationwide daily on average this year up to May 2021 — amid economically devastating lockdowns as the Covid-19 epidemic surged — almost double the 1.7 rate last year and in 2019.

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director Abdul Jalil Hassan, in a statement today said of the 1,708 cumulative deaths by suicide reported from 2019 until May this year, 83.5 per cent of victims, or 1,427, were female, while the remaining 16.5 per cent (281 victims) were male. ( )

A total of 168 victims were aged above 40. The three main reasons behind the suicide rates were troubled family relationships, emotional pressure, and financial constraints.

The loss of dignity is potentially harder to overcome than the loss of a job The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused not only great loss to lives but also a possibly even greater loss to livelihood unlike anything seen in modern Malaysian history.

Estimated numbers say that almost 20% of the M40’s have dropped into the B40 category. Over the last 18 months The Hope Branch has seen a sharp increase in the number of previously two-income households reaching out for aid and support - and not just for food and groceries.

A growing number of requests that come in now are for financial aid to help pay RENT, UTILITIES and other basic LIVING EXPENSES. Many have even reached out to us, on the verge of committing suicide.

As per to date, THB have supported 3 families

a)       Single dad who was living in his car for two months,wife ran away and his son was sent to live with an unknown guardian. We supported MR K for 1.5 months.

b)     Single dad who lost his job with 7 kids – wife passed away and he needed assistance to pay his 3 months rental – today, we manage to keep his kids off the streets and manage to secure a part time job

c)       Elderly male who lived under the bridge since MCO 2.0 – today, he works part time with THB and lives in a rented room at Desa Petaling.

This is especially heartbreaking when the request come from established, responsible and hardworking individuals who - through no fault of their own - are now no longer able to pay for the monthly expenses due to being retrenched by their employer or having to take up to 70% in salary cuts because of the lockdows affecting the businesses. These are decent, honest members of the community who Malaysia cannot afford to lose to ‘poverty’ and (potential) depression. The Hope Branch is committed to support these people through the most trying times in their lives.

We will be seeking out and identifying deserving individuals to help pay their rent , utilities and other living expenses and to support them through their current dilemma. Our goal is to identify 200 individuals/families and cover their rent/utilities/living expenses for a minimum 3 months - enough time for them to focus on re-skills programmes or job search and creation. We will also be working together with different institutions and companies to provide up-scalling skills programmes and training to ensure that the beneficiaries will be able to get back on their feet and in turn serve the community.

We are looking to support a minimum of 200 families – with a minimum contribution of RM1000 and maximum RM2000/family. As for rental, THB will get in touch with the landlords and transfer the funds directly to the landlord.

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