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Dr. G’s daughter, Siti, remains the sole caretaker for him within and outside of the prison walls since he was first arrested in 2017. 4 years down the road, Siti currently struggles to make ends meet with her job as a clerk in the remote town of Kuala Pilah, Seremban.

The bulk of Siti’s expenses and savings goes to the caretaking of Dr. G. Ever since he was arrested in 2017, Dr. G’s health has rapidly deteriorated which called for medical expenses on top of the logistical fees related to his prison welfare and court hearings. To paint a picture, ⅔ of Siti’s monthly income goes to the aforementioned expenses , leaving her barely enough to get by among rising costs while also battling extraneous pandemic and work related pressures. 

Breakdown of funds required for Dr. G and Siti:

TOTAL: RM 1, 680 per month/RM 20, 160 per year

Monthly food allowance | RM 580
Weekly food allowance | RM 150 x 4 weeks = RM 600 (snacks and fruits)
Total for Dr. G’s food allowances in Sg. Buloh Prison per month  | RM 1, 180

Kuala Pilah > Sungai Buloh Prison (Visiting Dr. G every weekend)
Gas | RM 50
TnG | RM 50 
Total for travelling x 4 weeks for Siti | RM 400

Kuala Pilah > Shah Alam High Court (Attending Dr. G's court hearing 1-2 times a month)
Gas | RM 50
TnG | RM 50 
Total for approximately 1 visit/month for Siti | RM 100 

Help Siti and Dr. G today in acquiring the funds needed to support them through Dr. G's incarceration. If you would like to contact the fundraising team directly, please email to us at

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    Wish Malaysia would be more progressive and allow medical marijuana like Thailand which has approved it already.

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