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Hello to all you animal lovers and wonderful people!

I am a Pakistani final year student of psychology and business in Malaysia. I am also a major animal lover and one of my dreams has been to create a shelter back in Pakistan for mistreated, stray or injured animals. 

Pakistan is incredibly short on animal shelters-therefore I started this initiative. Strays especially are mistreated (ESPECIALLY DOGS!). 
I want to curb this.

I want to start off with one of course, however as funding increases I hope to increase my number of locations. I want to be across various cities and want to have my own emergency van service. 

The money you will provide will go in MANY uses- for example 1) buying land 2) construction of land 3) buying equipment 4) vets/helpers salaries 5)medications 6) toys and many other uses SOLELY for this up and coming NGO's  needs.

Please help! Every amount is appreciated

*As I am currently in Malaysia, I will transfer this money to Pakistan when I leave in order for efficiency. I am due t leave at the end of May/ start of June. Please do what you can!*

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