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One in six couples face infertility and are in need of fertility treatment . These couples need an IVF ( test tube baby) treatment but are unable to proceed due to financial constraint. As a fertility specialist and father of 3 lovely children, I would like to share the joy a child brings into our lives.  Therefore, I wish to help couples requiring IVF treatment to achieve parenthood by organising a fundraising campaign.  Let's give them the joy of parenthood ! We can make a difference in their lives !   This is a pilot project . I believe if WE can come together , we can make this project a success and it will serve as a building block for future larger projects. My target is to collect at least RM20000 , which may help 2 couples to receive an IVF treatment. I am " transforming" myself to become a long distance runner as I will be running a half-marathon by the end of the fundraising period. I hope to inspire YOU into realising that YOU too can help couples struggling with infertility. 

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  • Hana Salim

    Well done Dr Agilan...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    MYR 200 11/21/2018 10:52:28 AM UTC

  • Caroline Edward

    "We make a living by what we get... But we make a life by what we give" All the best Dr.Agilan..May God bless your kindness effort..

    MYR 150 11/18/2018 01:37:35 AM UTC

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Dr Agilan, Im proud of you! May God bless you and all in your family!

    MYR 200 11/17/2018 01:46:43 PM UTC

  • Gulshan Rai

    All the best for this great cause

    MYR 200 11/17/2018 09:42:57 AM UTC

  • Shankari Shyamala

    MYR 50 11/17/2018 01:59:19 AM UTC

  • Sherley Woon

    MYR 200 11/15/2018 06:22:45 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    All the best u guys.😘

    MYR 30 11/15/2018 04:00:07 AM UTC

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    MYR 300 11/14/2018 12:12:20 PM UTC

  • Anita Dorai

    All the best!

    MYR 150 11/13/2018 12:22:30 PM UTC

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    MYR 150 11/13/2018 12:18:59 PM UTC

  • Aishah Arifin

    All the best to the lucky couple!

    MYR 500 11/11/2018 07:38:52 AM UTC

  • Theresa Wong

    Great....Keep going!

    MYR 300 11/09/2018 11:48:51 AM UTC

  • Rathna Kumar

    MYR 300 11/08/2018 06:08:36 AM UTC