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It's all begin with unbearable pain around his rib in November 2023 and then continued by losing the ability to walk and stand. My husband Rahman Idris is then diagnosed with T5/T6 Inective Spondylitis TRO TB Spine or in easy terms would be Spine Infection where the spine has been attacked by bacteria and cause part of the spine which in T5 and T6 area to crack and injured the spinal cord.

This situation has required my husband to undergo an operation in fixing the spine by adding an implant and remove the debris on the spinal cord. We are grateful and thanks to the medical team, my husband are now able to move his limbs and legs.

But being temporarily paralyzed and the infection involves the spine caused the muscles shrink,and he lost the balancing on the thigh and legs that give the ability to walk or stand. As per doctors, the recovery process might take around 6 months to a year depends on his body condition.The long recovery process has left us with financial issues. Losing his ability to work during recovery process and requires assistance with self - care is a huge challenge for us. We has no choice when taking care of my husband needs me to sacrifice my job and lost our source of income.

Added to our problem, we are currently live in Langkawi an the surgery are done in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar due to no spine specialist in Hospital Sultanah Maliha, Langkawi. Which means we need to frequently travel to Alor Setar for follow - up treatment. The cost has spike up our expenses and make our financial issues become bigger.

In order to survive, we have spend all of our savings that we had and this is our last resort.We hope and would be very grateful to receive help for our financial problems.

To ease our financial problem, this is how we will spend the money.

Grocery per month = MYR300.00
Traveling cost for follow - up treatment per month = MYR350.00
Total Expenses per month = MYR650.00
Total Expenses During Recovery Period (Estimated 6 months) = MYR650 per month x 6 months = MYR3,900.00

The expenses is estimated based on our basic needs and we are planning to start a small food business with the balance after my husband recovery as our source of income. We also hope to be able help others in need within our capacity in future.

Thank you for your time in reading our story and we are grateful for every amount donated to us.

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