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** UPDATE **

Naomei and her family are now residing in a rental room which costs RM500. Thanks to the RM300 aid from Perak Baitulmal, they had a roof over their head after vacating the shelter. However, bad luck struck them once again as they are now no longer able to obtain the aid. Naomei's father is now working as a security guard but he is struggling to pay for the room let alone food, necessities and Naomei's treatment. She stopped her treatment since April.   


At 9 years old, most parents would envision their child going to school, playing with their friends, lovely with a touch of mischievous. It was the same for Naomei's parents too up until a point when she suddenly became docile and constantly complaining about being fatigue. Initially, her parents thought that it was due to her activities in school but they finally brought her to a clinic when they noticed that she presented symptoms of vomiting, upset stomach, nausea with the suspicion that she might have ingested something wrongly. Little did they know that that was the beginning of their painful nightmare. She was diagnosed with a serious form of kidney disease early last year and her family had exhausted all their funds to support her medical cost. 

Naomei's father who is the single breadwinner of the family recently lost his job and their family is currently residing in the temporary shelter provided by the welfare department. Time is running out for this family as the maximum stay limit in the shelter is 14 days and on top of all these, the cost of dialysis treatment is RM 1000.

Naomei's family is appealing to your kindness and generosity to support her medical cost to lighten up their burden while the parents is looking for a new job and home for their family

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    Get well soon Naomei.

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    Speedy recovery little one

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